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Kauai Weddings photographer Albums - Here couples can view their best moments by using their unique password.

Wedding Photography by Nick Galante

Amber and Anthony

Amber and Ken

Amy and Mohamed

Ashley and Scott

Bebe and James

Bebe and James


Bobbie and Jeff

Bonnie and Terry


Breanne and Cyril

Brooke and Joe

Carmen and Glen

Carolyn and Robert

Carrie and John

Chong and Pat

Christine and Terry

Cory and Aaron

Danielle and David

Deb and Sidney

Debbie and Jim

Diana and Jimmy

Ellyce and Warren

Ellyce and Warren

Erica and Tyler

Erica and Tyrus

Erika and Brett



Gina and Bobby

Glenn and Virgina

Heather and Justin

Hilda and David

Holly and Michael

Jeanie and Don

Jeff and Alice

Jen and Chris

Jen and Kevin

Jessica and Michael

Julie and Lynn

June and Jay

Kadye and Kenny

Karen and Fory

Karen and Fory

Karen and Paul

Karen and Paul

Kari and Dennis

Kelsey and Dronte

Kim and Dennis

Lacy and Jeff

Lacy and Jeff

Laurie and Leon

Lisa and Kevin

Lisa and Viktor

Lynn and Eric

Malissa and Brody

Marianna and James

Marina and Leo

Marlene and Cary

Marlene and John

Mary and Paul

Mary and Paul

Megan and Bruce

Melissa and Chad

Miranda and Brad

Monica and Josh




Regina and Aaron

Sabrina and Chad

Sally and Paul

Sarah and Curtis

Shannon and Curt



Shirley and Tim

Stephanie and Azora

Tammy and David

Tracie and Luke

Tralanda and Jeremy

Tralanda and Jeremy

Wendy and Frank


William and Tom

Yasmin and Cody